8 thoughts on “SW 6th Avenue, 1909

  1. so ‘tiny houses’ have always been a portland thing?
    i like the man in the rose-covered wheelchair following it.
    and it appears the crowd has self-segregated: boaters on the left,
    bowlers on the right.

  2. Notice that these 1910 floats are drawn by horses (or mules). Here is a fun fact. In the 1910 census we Americans numbered 92 million souls and we were served by 24 million horses and mules.By the 1960 census we were 192 millions or so and horses and mules numbered only 3 million.The pace of technological progress put 21 million horses out of work in the space of 50 years. In other words in 1910 horses were a economic necessity. until they were not. Today we are at least 310 million plus and the only horses and mules are pets. Given today’s advancing technology’s viz. growing populations you may well ask. Is my job secure? Is the parade passing me by . Were the Luddites really crazy, What next.
    Just saying.

  3. As Maxwell Smart agent 86 would have said “that’s the second smallest house I’ve ever seen.

  4. I’ve read that cars (both electric & gas) began appearing in Portland around this time in small numbers; and by 1928 they had completely taken over.

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