7 thoughts on “SE 82nd Avenue, 1958

  1. Dwyer Plywood Mill, Johnson Creek, Springwater corridor (rail line) and 101st Ave all converge in top left.

  2. We’re looking SE across Glenwood Park and Kelly Elementary…

    That’s Tolman on the left. Duke is the next intersection south. It looks as if Duke isn’t even paved East of 82nd yet!

  3. We once had logging trains coming into the Dwyer mill on the electric line from Estacada and from the Dwyer Wildcat Mtn Deep Cr line out of Barton ~

  4. As I remember, in the early 50’s the four lane on 82nd (OR 213) ended at Flavel, two lane from there to Oregon City and again south of Canemah ~

  5. Lance: I grew up off of 136th Ave and Foster Rd. When I was a kid (60’s), large numbers of logs trucks used to roll Foster Rd heading for Dwyers. I remember some rail cars with logs going thru Bell Rose on 136th Ave. But it all dried up in the early 1970’s.

  6. Ha, that’s the year my mom graduated from high school and she grew up on 80th and Duke… She used to tell me about how she and her friends would walk down 82nd in the summertime when it was just a little two lane road…

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