City Park, 1915

The entrance to City Park (now Washington Park), 1915. Notice that while the fountain still exists today, the figure of a child atop the upper bowl is now gone.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2004-002.1461.


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6 thoughts on “City Park, 1915

  1. Does anyone know if and when this area was logged?
    The trees don’t exactly look primeval…

  2. Scott : From explore Washington park ” Washington Park is one of the oldest parks in Portland. In 1871, the City purchased the original forty acres of land from Amos King, an early developer who bought over 500 acres of land west of the city, for $32,634. The City designated this land “City Park,” despite its relative distance from the central city of the time. The park had few roads and was a wilderness area thick with brush, trees, and roaming cougars that discouraged access and daily use of the park. With ample green space surrounding Portland, limited improvements to City Park were not made until the early 1880s.

  3. @Scott. Given the proximity to Portland mills it is very likely this area was logged twice before this photo. The trees we see here are at most 10-15 years old.In the article Mike cites the words “thick with brush” tells us that area was likely second growth.

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