5 thoughts on “Downtown Portland, 1970

  1. I didn’t realize that Terry Schrunk Plaza wasn’t originally one of the park blocks. Interesting.

  2. OK, not one of “The” Park Blocks, but rather the park blocks in front of City Hall.

  3. This picture conjures up quotes from Ada Louise Huxtable, a architectural critic who visited Portland around this time. Her initial impression was positive , but it worsened. Some of her quotes:
    “Scattered bomb-site look of downtown parking lots made by demolishing older buildings…..”
    “Inadequate public transportation was accompanied by rising fares. Suburban shopping centers demagnetized downtown.”
    “Everything is not coming up roses.”
    On the bank tower being built: “Against the suave schlock of some of Portland’s current architectural imports, Mt. Hood doesn’t stand a chance.”
    “This tower will be tapered and rail-finned, with an accessory block-square box, in a manner that finally died unmourned in Detroit but that the Southern California sun seems to keep alive,” the Times critic added. “In style, scale and impact it will be alien corn, in every sense of the word.”

  4. I know that I’m in the minority with this but I like the look of Keller Fountain with out all of the trees.

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