16 thoughts on “Mt. Hood, 1915

  1. The copyright on the photo says Weister Co. 1912 — does that mean the picture is actually three years older than the title for today would suggest?

  2. Would be interesting to see some of the buildings identified with some pointers such as the high-spire church to the left. The photo almost looks like a blend of photo and drawing/painting. Interesting perspective. Viewed from?

  3. Great picture. On the east side, we can see Mount Tabor in foreground on the left (water reservoirs) and Kelly Butte on the right (future home of civil defense center bunker).

  4. I spy… St Francis Church with tall white spires on left, hulking old Portland HS in lower right corner, and old Oregonian building with clock tower just above PHS. Is that another HS to right of St F’s (bldg with central tower)?

  5. It’s not exact but using the Google Earth and the sightline from Mt. Hood Summit through the two buttes it looks like the photo was taken from somewhere above the current Uptown Shopping Center.

    The large size of Mt. Hood is probably a result of using a telephoto lens. Telephotos make distant objects appear larger. It could also be a composite of 2 photos; one of Portland and one of Hood.

  6. It in all likelihood a composite picture. There is no Willamette River or bridges visible.Some of the features may also be painted in as color photos up until the late 50’s were actually B&W and then hand painted for color. I have a studio color portrait of me at about 6 or 7 taken in about 1957-58 that is a B&W photograph that is colorized by hand painting. The photographer was our next door neighbor and the person who colorized the portraits was his wife.

  7. Does anyone have any information on a “Bess College Day and Night Classes” sign seen on the side of a building at about 5:30, 6 o’clock position in photo. Surely were ahead of the times.

  8. Quite an improvement over Stumptown. Question is, how have we let Seatitle displace us as ‘the’ NW town?

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