10 thoughts on “SW Yamhill Street, circa 1974

  1. Simpler times with simpler streets. Yamhill used to be a street before the choo choo train came in and ruined things.

  2. You’re right Jim, there was a relatively brief period, about 1950 until 1986, when Yamhill did not have a train running on it.

  3. I think this is one of those rare instances where the today image is an improvement over the old. Seeing that phone booth though, is very nostalgic. I do miss the days when you could walk down the street and make eye contact with people and perhaps share a friendly word. The “geeks” have given us the world at our fingertips and given us a monumental distraction that isolates us from each other and makes the immediate world a lonelier place.

  4. Chris, I think your Google street view image is looking at the wrong corner. The one you have pictured is the SE corner of Yamhill and 2nd.

  5. Looks like a rare instance of two attempts at the modern streetview with both being wrong. The corner in the photo is the NE corner of SW Yamhill and SW 2nd and both buildings are still there:

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