18 thoughts on “SW Barbur Boulevard, 1961

  1. I love the tow truck, and it looks there may be a food cart already set up in the 76 station lot. 🙂

  2. Who else remembers when Eve’s Restaurant was an integral part of many Fred Meyer outlets.

    I remember the food at the Stadium store being fairly decent, but I was a starving college student at the time so everything tasted good.

  3. I remember my folks doing their grocery shopping at the Fred Meyer at Lombard and Interstate. After paying for their groceries and receiving a ticket from the cashier, dad would bring the car around to the side of the store. Then he would give the ticket to a kid, and the kid would actually put the groceries in the trunk.

  4. Norm – In the 1990s, before the big remodel, they still loaded your groceries that way at the Stadium Fred Meyers on West Burnside. Very handy!

  5. I believe that is one of the “blue buses” which on the west side were called Tualitain Valley Stages after they came under common management with the other suburban Blue bus companies.
    Starting in about 1962 with the completion of the Woodburn/ North Salem segment of I5 south bound thru truck traffic was diverted off highway 99 E onto the new I 5 at Barbour first at what is now the Tigard on ramp and later at the top of Breeze Hill. The climb up Barbour from Harbor Drive was a long hard slog with a heavy load frequently frustrated by that on demand signal light at SW Hamilton,but all in all, was still an improvement over “Super Highway” .
    Eves Restaurant(s) was named for Fred Meyer’s wife and they lasted thru the KKR period but Kroger put an end to them.

  6. A friend in his 80’s fondly recalls the days when Fred Meyer himself would walk by the tables in Eve’s restaurant, jovially inquiring how people liked the food, and giving them his best wishes.

  7. I grew up “across the gulley”, so-to-speak, on the left side of this photo…that “gulley” is now, of course, I-5-South. I could see that sign from my bedroom window…it was always glowing in a reddish-pink color.
    Ah yes…I remember that store very well. Many Barbur memories…it was the main road into town…went to St. Clare, Capitol Hill, and know the area very, very well. Lived in the same home on SW 12th & Hume St. for 18 years! (1950-1968)

  8. I hate to be a downer here but does somebody always have to post a current view of whatever the picture of the day is? I mean, yes with a old building or house it is interesting or like when there was a picture of 82nd ave. from the 1930’s so we could see the contrast but we all know what Barbur looks like today and it is not that different from 1961. Just a pet peeve of mine I guess.

  9. Google Fred Meyer biography. A must read for the local history buff. I’m not from Portland originally but I’ve always been fascinated with Fred Meyer, his retail genius, and the loyalty/warmth locals have for him. Total bootstrapper that ended up at the top of the Envoy…. And it goes on from there. Wierd, dark and fascinating.

  10. To HEREANDNOW – there are those who no longer live in the city who are interested in the changes that have taken place from the past to the present.

  11. Volkswagen Beetles were already established here; two in this photo on the road.

    And I’m trying to figure out the make and model of the small car parked ahead of the tow truck at the right curb, but not enough detail is evident to do this. It looks even smaller than the VW, so it should be easier than it’s proving o be. Any guesses?

  12. John: That car would be the delightful little Renault Dauphine. All 800 cc of brute power but fun to drive.

    Of more importance perhaps is what appears to be the 1959 Ferrari Vignale parked on the hillside. Drool!

  13. Stadium Fed Meyer also boasted an Eve’s cocktail lounge that was one of the strangest places to take a drink I’ve ever been…

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