21 thoughts on “N Lombard Street, circa 1931

  1. I don’t think “Korry Krome” is the name of the business – one of the (many) advertising placards in the window says to “Ask for KORRY-KROME Leather Soles – Wear Longer Than Any Other Sole” [surmising a bit on the second half]

  2. Liz – I think that’s right. It looks like there is an almost-gone brand name above that slogan – perhaps for a leather polish/treatment?

  3. This shoe shop was near to intersection of Lombard and Fisk, at the time I believe the
    owner was named Carl Vanek, owned through the 1050s,

  4. Tip o’ the hat to Glen Martin. Below, I hope, the Oregonian obit for Charles Carl Vanek (1875-1950) may appear, owner of shoe shop shown in today’s VP photo. Vanek was an immigrant from the former Czechoslovakia.

  5. Address was probably before the great renumbering. Also I wish I had that little cuckoo clock thermometer thingy. And thanks Caryn for pointing out Mrs V, I hadn’t noticed her. All in all a wonderful photo. I doubt that the reflected house would still be there ….

  6. Portlandmaps says the existing building was built in 1908, so it looks like a second story was added at some point judging from the potato house photo.

  7. This building is across the street from mine as I thought, looked like the rock siding that is still on there now. Dr. Davis vet clinic there and on the other side Darcy’s.

  8. I just had a boot repaired at Vanek’s Shoe Repair in Beaverton. Are they descendants of the gentleman in the photo?

  9. Brian — looks like the archives needs to correct a transposed house number!
    Caryn — As the daughter of a person of Slavic extraction, I can see a woman in the person looking out, especially considering the necklace/pendant s/he seems to be wearing.

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