6 thoughts on “SW 3rd Avenue, 1958

  1. Address no longer exists as SW 3rd at that point was eliminated by an expansion of the South Auditorium Urban Renewal Project. PSU’s University Place Hotel is there now. It used to be Red Lion Hotel.

  2. Many a Midnight Mass there…..Grandma and many cousins lived in the neighborhood. Darn Urban Renewal!

  3. The entire neighborhood was razed. Used federal funds to obliterate so-called urban blight. It was a vibrant primarily Jewish and Italian neighborhood. Sad!

  4. My sisters and I came from Vanport by bus to go to this school, St. Lawrence, in 1946 and this was a wonderful neighborhood of italian families. What a loss when urban renewal came in

  5. We shared this wonderful Italian, Jewish, Greek, Filipino neighborhood of families growing, yelling, laughing, crying together rich with life as I remember it. We moved away in 1958 to a ‘better’ Portland neighborhood that wasn’t fun anymore or as ‘rich’ as I felt in a place everyone called poor.

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