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  1. Pretty sure it’s Peninsula Park. You’ve got another photo that shows the barrel-style roofing tiles and one of the braces at the bottom of the tall wall.


  2. Fun for the courageous…..water sooooo cold that parts of me shrivel just from the memory of a dip in that pool. Gawd, it was great!

  3. Peninsula Park.

    Jerry M. Walker
    Portland, OR

    From: Vintage Portland
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    Vintage Portland posted: “Kids swimming at a community pool, circa 1939. Can anyone tell us which pool this is? View this image in Efiles by clicking here.”

  4. Hope you display more old photos of pools in the Portland vicinity. They were so rare that we drooled at photos of S. California and Nevada pools.

  5. I’m pretty sure it’s Peninsula Park. The Sellwood Pool didn’t have a wall that close to it. We usually swam (or waded) at Sellwood before the evening city band concerts in the 1950s, but one a year there used to be a circus at Peninsula Park, and when that was going on, we would swim at Peninsula Park and go to the circus! Such fun! I’m sure glad I grew up in Portland in the 1950s.

  6. Trudi: There are actually several historic photos of Portland area pools already on “Vintage Portland.” Go to the search window, type in “pool,” and you should get several, including photos of Sellwood Pool, Creston Pool, Columbia Park and others.

  7. Gary Hartnett–
    The Wilson pool wasn’t built until Wilson High was built in the mid-50s, and it’s all brick and cyclone fencing–no concrete wall, no Mediterranean-style roof tiles.

  8. That’s true, Gary. My sis and I used to swim there almost every summer day from 1959 – 1964. It was a beautiful, new Olympic-size pool with cyclone fencing around it. From the pool you could see Council Crest and Hillsdale.

  9. I also remember the Grant High School pool and when I saw it when I was young, I remember envying the kids who attended the school because of that goody.

  10. And my Dad attended Shattuck grade school that had an indoor pool, but don’t know when that was put in. I also think of the hardy swimmers because the outdoor pools, I’m almost certain, weren’t heated but people were happy to plunge in on hot days. Does anyone know when outdoor pools in Portland generally began to be heated? The first one to do so?

  11. Yes , this is the Peninsula Park Pool . I remember playing Pop Warner football at the
    park and after practice when the Columbus day storm hit we were in the locker room
    looking out at the pool area and watched the wall fall down. Scary. Also the pool was used for Penguins for a few years before they were sent to the Portland Zoo.

  12. I remember coming to Portland from Newberg with my large family to go swimming at the Shattuck or Couch pools. Fun times!

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