13 thoughts on “SW Macadam Avenue, circa 1930

  1. Meat for Health!

    What would my local butcher be selling from dishes on the far left. It looks covered with a cloth, and served with a spoon. Suet?

  2. I love this picture. There are so many labels to decipher and wonder about. I noticed several different brand names of ham being advertised. The large saw and the meat hooks let you know they dealt with large pieces of meat, too. I wonder if the market served as some kind of deli, as well. The covered bowls in the meat display are something to ponder on (the same thing igor1882 wondered about). I hope the meat case was refrigerated. đŸ™‚

  3. @igor 1882 and Laure,

    I’d be willing to bet the covered dishes held ground beef and ground pork sausage.

  4. All meat all the time! But there is one block of cheese and some margarine. And I wonder if the Best Foods is also margarine? And I’m not sure I want to know what all the little tidbits in the jars on the counter are besides the two jars of pigs feet.

  5. I think the “circa” can be removed from this one; based on the calendar on the wall it’s definitely 1930.

  6. It’s hardly certain and hardly matters, but I think the man behind the counter could be one Morris H. Donion (1902-1976), aged about 28 in 1930. The surname was sometimes spelled Donin. He emigrated to Portland from Russia with his extended family in 1914. This based on a newspaper account of an armed robbery at his Virginia Market at 1673 Macadam (now 7525). He ran several small stores elsewhere in Portland and eventually moved to California. Of course, the man in the pic could be just an anonymous subcontractor butcher working out of Donion’s Macadam Ave. store.

  7. What a beautiful case! And flowers, very cool! There’s a hanging meat scale in the right background. I used to cut meat in an old shop something similar to this. We cut from hanging quarters and used a scale like that. Beautiful display!

  8. Was this store later known as Schulows? Steve Rossi, also delivered mail, may have worked there. I believe the market was on the south side of Junke’s drugstore.

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