4 thoughts on “Vanport Recreation Building No. 2, circa 1944

  1. Interesting that there is a big Lutheran sign outside of the building. I’m assuming that sign was there because on Sundays they used the recreation building for church services. I would think that later in the day that sign was taken down and a Baptist or Catholic sign went up as other denominations held their service in that building.

  2. Thank you. I remember that Memorial Day very well. It was warm, sunny and most Vanport residents were away when the dike broke. Some of us in or Boy Scout Troop 434 (Fulton Park) helped at the Red Cross.

    Phil Broms

    HNL 9621

  3. It looks like a lovely spring or summer Sunday morning! Only four years later in 1948 it would all be gone, washed away on a pretty day like that in the photo.

  4. Nice! I hadn’t seen this one before. Recreation No. 2 was locate right along North Lake Place between a couple of school buildings. In 1946 it became one of the Vanport Extension Center (the original incarnation of PSU) buildings, which they re-named Portland Hall.

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