15 thoughts on “Fremont Bridge, 1973

  1. It was called “People’s Day on the Fremont Bridge” which had a certain late ’60s early ’70s counterculture vibe to it.

  2. The Fremont never looked better with its celery green and cream two tone paint job. I love that bridge. Down in the corner you can see a first generation TriMet bus with its orange and white two tone paint job. And what a shot of the NW industrial area that would later become The Pearl District. The water tower (hard to see but it’s there) on top of Centennial Mills would serve as the logo for the district and can be seen on the street sign toppers in the district. I think Centennial Mills and the water tower were recently demolished.

  3. Oh… for a minute there I thought this was a shot of the backup caused by the lane closures on the Morrison Bridge.

  4. I was there on People’s Day! I was a kid, and I remember how exciting it was to be on this bridge, it was so high up and the view of the city was amazing. This was years before bridge pedal, so it really was special to walk across that bridge. I wonder if I’m in the photo????? 🙂

  5. I believe it should have been renamed to honor MLK rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars renaming Union Ave. The joining of two sides is symbolic of him.

  6. William Sanderson’s “Acid Test” series of political cartoons from the early 70’s in included an homage to the highway engineers who designed the skyramps over the neighborhood in Northwest Portland. His cartoon shows a lovely neighborhood of tidy family homes but with a skyscape of concrete roadway towering overhead. Two highway engineers are chatting below. The caption: “You know, Al, we highway engineers never get credit for our work but I got a feeling we’re gonna be remembered a long, long time in northwest Portland”.

  7. Look at how clean the bridge is. It looks bad now with the supports all sporting the same ‘black mold’ look. I was also there that day (days). I remember that they had live music and it was quite the happening.

  8. I remember watching the center part of the bridge float down the Willamette river and get raised into place. It was an amazing sight to see. Then me, my dad & brothers went to a big party on the bridge before it was open to traffic. There were cars and booths and all kinds of fun stuff to do. It was a long walk for a 7 year old!

  9. This was quite the street festival! The bands were great and so was the food. I lived in northwest Portland and it was great to be able to walk to the event. I was unable to walk across due to fear of heights but I did get to peek over the edge just at the river before scurrying back. Fun memory!

  10. Mayor Goldschmidt used to have a live Sunday Night call-in show on KGW that happened after the 11 pm news. People could call in and get answers to their problems or a promise from Goldschmidt that he would look into it on Monday.

    During the Fremont Bridge opening, one woman called in and asked if the bridge was going to be open to pedestrians after the celebration. She was told no, it was an Interstate Hwy. bridge and peds would not be allowed.

    She complained what would happen to her and others who didn’t have cars if there was a nuclear attack and people had to evacuate the city, if they couldn’t use the Fremont Bridge to evacuate. Goldschmidt told her if there was a nuclear attack, there would be bigger problems than people walking on the bridge.

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