20 thoughts on “SE Morrison Street, 1933

  1. I am sure enjoying your site. I was born in Forest Grove nearly 75 yrs ago. My father worked as a rivater on the Liberty boats. Don’t know just where he worked, Swan Island? Is there any way or records I could find out a little more about this period of his life? Sure would appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you, Sally Malm

  2. Actually, the church steeple is the old Centenary Wilbur Methodist Church at 9th and Pine, which blew down in the Columbus Day storm of 1962. St Francis’ had two steeples and is two blocks further east.

  3. So the building behind the red arrow is where the former East side precinct was?
    Of course the arch over the door says Water Bureau from an earlier role in Portland’s

  4. What are those two little bump things in the middle of the street on both sides of the intersection?

  5. Sally, the Genealogical Forum of Oregon – GFO – on SE 12th and Division also has a lot of materials about old Portland, as does Multnomah County Library downtown.

  6. The red arrow points to a garage which has been gone since at least the 1970s. I remember that being the parking lot for the photo and camera shop in the ground floor of the precinct house/water bureau building next door in 1990.

  7. Like the motorcycle with the sidecar at the left and the billboard advertising a new Oldsmobile for $745.00.

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