SE 13th Avenue, 1935

Captains William Grenfell, Fred W. Roberts and firefighter Charlie M. Ferris posing with the George L. Baker First Aid Car at Station 20, 1935. The station was located at 8210 SE 13th Avenue.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2010-019.15.


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  1. This was another “bungalow” fire station. They were built to blend in with homes in residential neighborhoods.

  2. If anyone is curious, the car is a Lincoln. Most likely a 1929 or 1930 according to the front bumper style but the chrome hub caps are newer. Many police bureaus chose V8 Lincolns because they were fast. Capable of the job assigned to it here.

  3. @Merlin. Thanks. I knew greyhound hood ornaments were on Fords but I didn’t think about Lincolns. I was trying to figure out what huge Ford that was. 😕

  4. These “bungalow” fire stations have an interesting history. As noted by Jim, they were built to blend in to the neighborhoods. My understanding is that they were designed by David Lee Holden, a firefighter and self-taught architect. Many were built to replace older fire stations that had been on the same sites, such as the one above. A few are still in use, such as the one in Portland Heights, across the street from the Vista Spring Cafe, while most others have been converted to other uses. Here’s a story I wrote a couple of years ago when at The Oregonian. It is sort of wide ranging but does include before-and-after photos of several of these and other Portland fire stations, some of which go back more than 100 years.

  5. Thank, John,

    If you go to John’s link, you can see a historical and modern view of the fire station featured in today’s post. They are the 27th and 28th images.

  6. Just a guess. But I believe Merlin is correct the auto is a Lincoln, however based on the length of the hood and the trim I think it is a 1932-33 Lincoln V12. Lincoln started manufacture of the V12 engine in 1932 and the length of that hood just screams V12.

  7. A nice big beautiful sedan. Good job Edsel. ( I think he was in charge of that dept. but not sure.)

  8. The car went into service in July of “33′. It was badly damaged after hitting a parked car on the way to a lady who had a body part caught in a wringer. It was a Lincoln.

  9. Charlie Ferris was my maternal grandmother’s adopted brother. We have few photos of hm so it was a wonderful happenstance to find this picture. Thank you, Vintage Portland!

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