9 thoughts on “Parade, circa 1913

  1. Part of the Rose Festival parade? Can’t figure out what the street is that they are marching on. Cross street is East Washington.

  2. 1914 Oregonian: Special Policeman Andrews caught a burglar trying to break Into the Beckwith & Schmidt store at Grand avenue and East Washington street last midnight. The burglar escaped. Andrews caught the man using an Iron bar on the rear door of the store.

  3. Yes. This is looking at the west side of Grand Avenue at Washington. This block of buildings was where now a Jackson’s gas station is located (old Burns Bros site). You can just make out West’s Block in the background – home today of the Architectural Heritage Center.

  4. These all appear to be school age girls. It looks like their director/line caller is at the bottom right, bullhorn in hand, talking with the police officer.

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