12 thoughts on “Merrykhana Parade, 1927

  1. What is that Canvas slide thing on top of the truck? Last Merrykhana parade was 1972. They were stopped when it got a little too rowdy.

  2. Where are we? Where was the Mitchell Dress Company? There’s track in the street, but I don’t see an overhead wire…so is this not a trolley track?

  3. According to the September 19th, 1926 edition of the Klamath News, Mitchell Mfg. was at 44 4 N 4th, corner Couch.”

    Could this be the same building? I don’t recall the Phillips Hotel at the next intersection at Burnside having a corner turret or bay.

  4. Merrykhana Parade:The pirates dragging their swords on the street-a terrifying, golden memory. Not quite sure why it was fun to be so scared.

  5. I believe that the nighttime Merrykhana of my childhood kind of morphed into the Starlight Parade, a little less ‘energetic’ family venue. It was always the first Saturday night bookending the Rose Festival parade the following Saturday night.

    Yea, I marched in our school band among the water balloons, etc. and preferred it to the longer, hotter Rose Parade.

  6. I remember the Merrykhana parade – it was fun, but apparently not so much according to the Oregonian:
    The Merrykhana was always decidedly offbeat, a deliberate counter to the pomp and poise of the Grand Floral Parade. In place of the Royal Rosarians, the Merrykhana had its Rainmakers, a civic group that innocently squirted spectators from floats and waved inverted umbrellas.

    Instead of Rose Princesses dressed in fancy gowns, there was the raindrop court, all clad in bathing suits and lewdly described as “leggy” and “curvaceous” in The Oregonian.Hey, it was the ’60s. The Merrykhana was irreverent, but pleasantly so.

    But by 1970, spectators had gotten wise to the Rainmakers’ drizzly tricks and began bringing water weaponry of their own to send a little return fire. That playful game of squirt vs. squirt escalated to full-on water warfare in what would become the final Merrykhana Parade in 1972.

    A letter to the editor in The Oregonian the following describes the mayhem from the vantage of a drummer marching in the parade.

    “Not content with a few water balloons filled with clean water, the curbside rowdies…doused marchers and float riders with containers of filthy water scooped up out of the gutters,” the letter read. “It wasn’t a parade anymore. Just a water fight between the spectators and parade participants with the hoses.”

    Rock-filled water balloons, ice cubes and even frozen water balloons also made their way into the mix that year, according to various reports. Rose Festival officials and Portland Police weren’t impressed, and they pulled the Merrykhana Parade from the 1973 festival schedule about six months later.

  7. I hope that’s a fake nose on the guy holding the net otherwise he’s got a hell of a drinking problem.

  8. Think the building in back is on the NE corner of 4th & Couch, what people would know as the “Hung Far Low Block”. Maybe Mitchell Dress moved catty corner a couple years latter.

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