15 thoughts on “NE Union Avenue, circa 1937

  1. Looking north; in the 50s; right side was Fred Meyer with roof top parking; the northeast corner was Roger’s Variety; northwest corner US Bank; southwest corner JC Penney. In the distance on the right was Milton & Oscar’s Restaurant.

  2. I like this photo. Just a couple observations: The shiny coupe parked at the curb may be a Studebaker, possibly new, and noteworthy because most cars we see in VP posts are really dirty! 🙂 It’s interesting to me that both buildings seem to be identical. Also, for some reason the fellow crossing the street on the far left looks like he was dropped in from modern times… It’s easy to get lost in the detail of these photos. Very enjoyable.

  3. The Safeway showing a block north at 5620 was closed in the early forties when three others were opened on Union at 718, 2432, 3716, 5270 and in the seventies 5920.

  4. Heading north: Fred Meyer’s; Malcolm Ernest, confectioners; James Bigley, jeweler; a beauty/barber shop; a post office annex; Safeway; Union Avenue Hardware. I’m not sure what the 5cent 10cent 15cent sign refers to. The second story is the West Shore Annex Apartments.

  5. Yeah… Milton and Oscars baked potatoes, 1st national bank, buying 5 dollar Levis at Pennys, The silk hat, Safeway in the new old sixties style building on the Ainsworth corner, Villanova pizza. I could go on and on.We moved from 37 NE Morgan to 32nd and Ainsworth in 1969 so these were my stomping grounds.

  6. I don’t think there was roof-top parking at the Walnut Park Fred Meyer. That building was remodeled by Meyer from a failed drug store and home soft-goods store.

  7. Parking at Walnut Park was double dek, and large extra lot, but not rooftop. Hollywood and Rose City had rooftop parking. And I think Hawthorne, but not clear. Id like to see the old Chautauqua Fred Meyer, pre Peninsula days. And Montavilla.

  8. I believe the Walnut Park parking structure still exists and used, possibly by the police station on the south.

  9. Did anyone notice the light-post in the 1937 picture is the same light-post in the newer picture Mike D posted??? 🙂

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