SE Grand Avenue, 1915

The 1915 Rose Festival Parade at SE Grand Avenue between SE Stark Street and SE Washington Street. The marching group is presumably from Kenton.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2011-014.12.


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17 thoughts on “SE Grand Avenue, 1915

  1. Just a point of interest; The flag bearer on the horse/pony is carrying a 43 star flag (1890) or 45 star flag (1896) while the ones hanging vertically above the street are 48 star flags, official in 1912.

  2. An interesting point is this is supposed a joyful and happy ocassion but you hard pressed to find any smiles in the crowd or the marchers

  3. Sure hope someone is hanging on to that baby on the windowsill! And I’m wondering what the handwritten Woodruff + Raymond means?

  4. The two buildings in the middle of the photo are still there, as are many of the buildings out of frame on the other side of the street. The building at the corner of the intersection to the left is the extant Barber Block. This is the approximate view as of March 2016.

  5. Addendum: I see Val B. already pointed out the Barber Block. Sorry, I didn’t mean to step on your observation, Val.

  6. Larry – perhaps the news from Europe, and uncertainty about the future, was weighing heavily on everyone: In early May the first American merchant ship was sunk by German U-boats and then the Lusitania went down with 128 Americans on board. Plus the war was becoming wider and more devastating. I can imagine the national mood may have been somewhat grim as debates escalated for and against American involvement.

  7. The boys (mostly on the right) were portraying hedges and the girls were supposed to be flowers. Over 4000 school children marched in this parade.

  8. Interestingly, the Flag in the foreground has 45 stars (circa 1896 – 1908).
    Possibly expensive or in short supply in the day.

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