11 thoughts on “Council Crest, 1915

  1. wl, there were two towers. The one in today’s post is the Council Crest tower, the one in the photo you link to, as described and corrected in the comments, is the one from Portland Heights. Clearly they aren’t the same tower.

  2. @wl. Thanks for clearing up the ‘Two Towers’. I had seen the prior VP post but never saw the location correction in the comments. I’d love to know the actual (address) location of the Portland Heights tower. I understand the Portland Heights trolley terminated at Vista and Broadway Drive. There is not a lot of flat ground around there.

  3. @Steve: If you look at the comments to the other tower photo, I posted a link (comment 5) to yet another VP post with an illustrated map of Portland Heights were you can see the tower location.

    From my previous comment: ” It looks like it was located a little south of what is now the corner of SW Hawthorne Terrace and SW 17th Ave. (though 17th is just an unimproved right-of-way at that corner).”

    And here’s the link to the illustrated map.

  4. Amusingly, the tower must have proved to be too short, as they added another landing above the one pictures a few years later. Just to the left of the observatory was the carrousel (with a domed roof), and the Japanese tea house.

  5. brian, i am pretty certain they are the same tower. the tower was originally opened on april 1, 1905, on sw hawthorne terrace (this is now where 1740 sw hawthorne terrace stands). sometime after 1906, it gets dismantled and moved; they re-used only the lower portion of the tower. i am guessing 1908, as that is when the keasey real estate office on hawthorne terrace – it was also the ticket office – is turned into a private residence . i am trying to find some permits for the move, but haven’t been back to city archives in a while.

    i am happy to stand corrected if anyone finds some proof contrary, but the construction looks the same, and the council crest tower does not appear until the portland heights one comes down.

    ooooh – igor, i wonder if that photo isn’t the source of the erroneous legend that the keasey office was a ‘japanese teahouse’ during lewis and clark… people remembering “a teahouse by the old portland heights tower on council crest” could get mangled into the myth of a teahouse on hawthorne terrace (which story first appears in the 1980s contributing resource list, as far as i can tell).

  6. a quick search of newspapers shows the first mention of a tower on council crest as july 21st, 1907 – in an ad for ‘golden grain granules cereal coffee,’ no less.

    will look for earlier, as well as stories of the heights tower coming down in that year…

  7. aaaaaaaand brian is correct! on march 10th, 1907, ‘mr. duchamp, builder of the present observatory on portland heights, is now erecting a similar structure on council crest.’

    same owner and similar construction had me muddling the story (much like the teahouse example, no doubt!). thanks for straightening me out, brian.

    still looking for teardown date of the heights version.

  8. hmmmmmmm – or maybe not! on january 5, 1908, an article states
    “a. duchamp, who for years maintained the observatory on portland heights and who last year MOVED IT TO council crest…’

    perhaps it goes this way: in 1907, council crest seems to be a city park, where people gathered leaves and nuts and listened to bands. they also apparently climbed some sort of tower there. but duchamp seems to have moved a larger structure, amde from the old heights one, to the site after clearing it, removing boulders and building a structure to display scenes of the northwest (this is visible below tower in photos).

    i have seen a letter penned in 1905 by duchamp, asking to put up signs on poles in the archives… time to go down and look for more and see if he asks license to build on council crest, when, and what!

  9. @ Brian I misspoke, of course. The original CC Trolley termination was at SW Vista and Broadway. The Portland Heights cable car terminated at ~17th and Hawthorn Terr. Thanks for pointing it out on the real estate ad. I’ve seen that before but never noticed drawing of the the tower.

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