11 thoughts on “SW Ash Street, circa 1915

  1. Is the building in the foreground still there, or is it the one that is a block further back? Because they both look identical don’t they?

  2. It’s too bad that the city didn’t design a similar waterfront on the East side. I can imagine how nice Portland would be with grassy public access parks on both sides of the river.

  3. Robert,
    The building housing Libby, McNeill, & Libby is the extant Smith Block (although the two southern bays on 1st have been demolished). The building behind it was Glisan’s Block (not to be confused with the extant Glisan’s Building directly across the street which now houses Kell’s). With the exception of an iron balcony over the main center entrance, it was indeed nearly identical.

    The building to the immediate right in the above photo was the Central Block and the one to the immediate left was constructed as part of the Oregon Steam Navigation Co. complex. A beautiful photo of the complex has been featured on VP before.


  4. *sigh*

    Correction No. 2: The Glisan Building (Kell’s) would be behind the Glisan Block, not on the other side of the street.

    Does anybody know where I can get stronger coffee beans?

  5. Brian R: highways and industrial zoning made sense for the century that the Willamette spent as a liquid waste dump. Living along the river, much less being in the water, was mostly unthinkable.

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