14 thoughts on “SW 4th Avenue, 1932

  1. What an interesting photo. In the center is a sign the I believe reads “Make the rich Bankers pay the Bonus for Ex Servicemen”. This relates to a situation that lead to the formation of the “Bonus Army”, with its roots in Portland. This protest later was considered a serious threat to the Government at the time. More here: (although this site doesn’t do justice to the whole story) http://www.ushistory.org/us/48c.asp

  2. There is a lot of stuff going on here. Most of the buildings at 4th and Oak in the photo still exist. To the immediate right, you have the Board of Trade Building which housed the Japanese consulate. Across Oak, you have the 333 Oak Apartment Building (which I believe was built as the Lewis Building). Completing the East side of Fourth, you have the small building, extant high-rise garage, and the Multnomah Hotel (Embassy Suites).

    To the immediate right, you have the now heavily remodeled Lincoln Building, but the other buildings on the West side of 4th are now occupied by the parking garage for Big Pink.

    Here is today’s street view:


  3. Any idea who “Doak & Bonham” were and why the “stop deportation of foreign born workers” message is directed at them?
    Also, anyone have info on the “New Inventions Exposition” happening at Multnomah Hotel? Would love to know what was on display…
    Brian G

  4. Looks like “Little Beirut” existed long before Mr. Reagan’s era.
    Wonder how many windows, cars & newspaper boxes were destroyed that day ?

    Fwiw, the Japanese Consulate still exists in Portland, 27 floors above the street rabble.
    None the less its quite well secured. Blast & projectile resistant walls & windows.

  5. I think this was a mix of people fed up with our involvement in WWI mixed in with a fair share of homegrown communists. I guess I can see the point of the former but after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor these agitators were left in the dustbin of history. For awhile at least.

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