7 thoughts on “Peninsula Park Community Center, circa 1916

  1. There’s a new-ish community group that been working on rejuvenating and restoring the Peninsula Park Rose Garden. Over the last couple of years, they have made a huge difference and the garden will be even more spectacular this summer

  2. I grew up just 5 blocks from Peninsula Park. Learned to swim there, learn to play tennis there and spent my summers there swimming and playing tennis and may other activities.

  3. It was wonderful when they had the penguins there. It was where I learned to swim as well.

  4. I’ll hazard a barely informed guess that this photo was taken on or around 28 April 1916 in front of the Peninsula Park Field House, as it was then known. Especially inasmuch as it appears the photo was taken outdoors on a warm, sunny day. The Oregon Daily Journal for 5 March 1916 (page 8) carries a long and charming feature write-up (with photos) on the many activities organized at this Peninsula Park facility by the city and various civic groups, including gymnastic events for people of all ages (per the article’s author, enrollment totaled nearly 15,000 adults and children during the fall-winter months from all parts of the city). The Journal article ends with the following comment: “The season’s work will reach an exclamation point with a track meet between junior, intermediate, and senior girls classes the last of this month [March] and a climax the last Friday in April [28 April] when there will be a general athletic field day.” The entire Journal piece is worth a quick glance and for those with access can be retrieved from the Newspapers.com database via Ancestry.com.

  5. The rose garden area sits on what used to be property owned by “Liverpool Liz”. She had a seedy dive and a fenced off race track and bicycle park. She was notorious in Portland’s “north end”. Buried in Lone fir.

  6. Whenever I see an old photo of young kids with their whole lives in front of them, it occurs to me that they are all dead now. I look at each face and think to myself, I hope you had a good life.

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