11 thoughts on “Oaks Amusement Park, circa 1910

  1. Great photo. This appears to show the southern end of the park, which today has far less infrastructure. If you look at the Google satellite view you can see the remnant of that wing dam that extends out into the Willamette. On the very, very far right I believe you can see the building that still holds the carousel. Further to the right is what I believe is the skate park.

  2. I just realized that my prior comment may be a little confusing. You can see the wing dam in the satellite photo (above) in the lower left corner.
    My comments about the carousel and skate park were in reference to the old photograph and not the Google image.
    In any case, great posting today. Happy Thursday everyone!

  3. Very cool. I hope to match it with a modern smartphone panorama to post here. It is also very interesting to see what the west side railroad grade, factories, and homes look like. There is a big sign at the present Powers Marine Park.

  4. The street car turning loop shows at the bottom center, The Oaks trains could turn and return to Portland. On the right end of the loop three steam engines rested for years until the 4449 was pulled out to power the Freedom Train, later the 700 was also pulled out and restored. They are both on display at, and running out of, the ORHS near and east of OMSI. The Swedish engine at The Oaks was given to Junction City in conjunction with their Scandinavian festival.

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