12 thoughts on “N Lombard Street, circa 1930

  1. I believe the current day picture above is across the street as the address shows as 8415 N Lombard. Odd would be across the street, If you look on Google maps, the building across the street looks more similar to what was there in the 30’s. I don’t know how to post the picture, though.

  2. The address of Salty Tea Cup is 8416. Zoom into the picture and you can see the numbers for the address.

  3. Also, the buildings reflected in the storefront pretty closely match the parapet profiles, etc., of the present-day buildings across the street.

  4. This section of North Lombard is an anomaly when it comes to odd/even numbers because that side of Lombard doglegs from South to West. The downtown St. Johns section of Lombard was originally Jersey Street.

  5. I’m guessing they left those sacks of potatoes out each night.? I hate to be Danny Downer but heavy or not they would be gone by midnight nowadays.

  6. Interesting that 1/2 pint of whipping cream is 15 cents. This is really expensive compared to the other prices. Anyone know why this might be? And I miss the gros michel bananas, much better than cavendish.

  7. Susan–I’d guess that cream was expensive because family farms supplied much of the milk and cream, and they’d keep back some cream to make butter for themselves.

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