8 thoughts on “Oregon Convention Center, 1988

  1. Anybody else remember the on ramp to the I-84 (Banfield) from the Steel bridge? That stub still remains.

  2. I remember the ramp. Used to take it. Why did they remove it? Looks like the convention center would not affect the ramp.
    Also, what was on this site before the convention center was built? I can’t remember.

  3. The convention center might be the primary subject, but this title is a disservice to how much is going on in this photo.

    There’s no concept of a Rose Quarter; MAX is under construction, the Steel Bridge is a freeway offramp into Skid Row, and the Trail Blazers are playing at Memorial Coliseum. The Willamette is an industrial zone that nobody wants to recreate near, much less in.

    So much changes in 30 years, far more would say for the better now than at the time.

  4. I think the Convention Center has been a real jewel. It shows some of the imagination and great planning of our city. I do still miss the Sapporo Japanese Restaurant which was lost in the demolition. Also, I think the city lost an opportunity by not connecting the Convention complex more closely with the river.

  5. IHOP and Lyon’s restaurants, the Hyatt House, the Thunderbird Inn, Sears big store, Union Avenue… and those are just the things that have changed since I moved here the next year!

  6. There are three freeway ramps in this photo that no longer exist: the Steel Bridge/84 EB ramp (stub remains), an off-ramp from 84 WB onto what is now Lloyd Blvd (stub remains), and an on-ramp to 84 EB from SE 3rd (no remnant). I can only imagine people whipping down Ankeny from MLK onto 3rd to get on the freeway – look at the curb radii and the lane striping on 3rd!

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