9 thoughts on “Portland Lumber Company, circa 1935

  1. Igor,

    The five story structure appears to have the words “flour mills” on the side. If that’s the case it would appear that the structure had (hopefully) been repurposed by the company advertising “asbestos steam pipes, boilers (and something).”

    I can’t quite make out the company’s name but it seems to be “Gillen Cha(something) Co.

  2. Rumblefish:
    That is almost right. The Gasco building was on the south side of the St John’s bridge.
    The site shows is to the North of the bridge.
    That said, I’m glad you brought it up because it’s a great reminder of what happens to our historical buildings if we don’t protect them. The Gasco building was a sad loss.

  3. My husband’s grandfather, William Moore, was kill while working for the Portland Lumber Company, he was changing a belt on one of the slab saws. The board he was using slipped and hit him in the chest and killed him instantly.

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