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  1. NW or downtown considering how tall the building next door is. It looks like it’s on a hill and NW is pretty flat.

  2. I’m noticing that, aside from the truck that is parked directly in front of the building and is clearly there for the renovation, all other vehicles are pointing to the left, including the ones parked in the foreground. Might this be a clue that it is located on a one-way street?

  3. Bob got it! You can tell from the dormer peeking over and the satellite view today. The building started off as a house and was expanded to an apartment building. Maybe that’s what they are working on here?

  4. building was constructed as a wood frame apartment dwelling in 1910. ten toilets, but might be some shared, so no idea how many apartments… only 4 bathtubs! in 1929 it gets a new sewer link, and that must be about the time they decided to remove the wood siding and stucco the building (which is what they are doing in the picture – metal lath is visible).

  5. Brian: A slice of memories driving around old Portland in the 70’s absorbing architecture that (mostly) would soon be gone. This memory clicked.

  6. Todd: Oddly, neither can I but architecture is different and old memories were made when our brains were fresh and uncrowded. Grin. But we are still here!

  7. Willamette Hauling became part of Consolidated Freightways (CF Heavy Haul) I believe. Leland James the founder of CF started out with a dump truck. From those beginnings he created a Portland based international Corporation ,listed on the NY Stock Exchange. Willamette’s garage and office was at NE Broadway at either Larabee or Vancouver.

  8. What a bizarre coincidence – I didn’t know where this was, although I suggested it might be Goose Hollow in my previous comment, and as it turns out I lived at 1425 SW Clay for about a year in the mid-90s (the building was called the Goose Nest apartments at the time, not sure if that’s still the case). Serious props to Bob for sleuthing it out.

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