6 thoughts on “SW 3rd Avenue, circa 1963

  1. Ah yes, as a kid in the 40’s my mom would load my brother and I on the streetcar and take us downtown to Moler Barber College to get our haircut. Or as my Dad preferred, get our “ears lowered”!

  2. Prompted by the OregonLive article Scott told us about, I wanted to find out more about candyman Frank Dekum. Typing just “Dekum” into VP’s search box resulted in several more photos of this block, one during a flood at the end of the 19th century!

  3. Gotta love the Dekum. Nastiest basement in Portland.
    Its foundation walls are stacked stone. Along with the volumes of junk, old doors, mouldings & such from decades of remodels upstairs leaves plenty of space & access for the rats.
    I wonder if Weiden & Kennedy knows what their headquarters sits upon ?

  4. Help me out on the fin-mobile. DeSoto? And whatever happened to the great big ball of string in the front window at the Moler Barber College, anyway

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