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  1. Do the twin spires have a symbolic meaning, or are they just an architect’s idea of a “signature feature”? Mt Hood and Mt St Helens?

  2. Good question Tom K. You’d have to ask the PA at ZGF. Most likely get some philosophical answer with multiple meanings. But really just like you said some
    ” architect’s idea of a “signature feature”

  3. There’s a MAX train you won’t see anymore (at least not in revenue service) – two Type I cars running together.

  4. Tom and Craig – I always understood that they were meant to invoke the two tower design of the Hawthorne and Steel bridges.

  5. Does anyone remember the “oops” moment when, after it was completed, they realized they didn’t design in a way to clean the glass on the spires?

  6. A few weeks before the construction fire what trapped a couple workers in a tower.
    They weren’t hurt, Just crap scared.

  7. Man, I’d love to time travel to 1989 in Portland. I wasn’t here yet, and there was some really cool stuff going on in Portland during that time..

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