Washington Park Zoo, 1961

Penguin exhibit at the Washington Park Zoo, 1961. The Zoo was run by the City of Portland until Metro took over operations in 1976.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-030.3725.

City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-030.3725.


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5 thoughts on “Washington Park Zoo, 1961

  1. Like Ive probably posted on here before they put the penguins in Peninsula parks swimming pool while they waited for that enclosure to be finished.

  2. This looks like the Portland Zoo. There was a zoo in Washington Park. And according to Metro, the Portland Zoo was renamed the Washington Park Zoo, in 1976.

  3. I remember it like this! I was 5 when we moved to Portland, feb, 61, and no idea when we went to tge zoo, but i do recall this look!

  4. The thing I remember most about the “new” zoo…all the cement…everywhere you looked, there was cement…every cage, every animal exhibit, everything was cement…and painting it various colors really didn’t disguise it at all. I always felt sorry for the animals…it was so unnatural…and that’s why I stopped going. Even my zoo key lost its excitement.
    While I realize that many things have changed over the last 50+ years, I’ll never forget all that cement. Other than the zoo key, if you say Portland Zoo, or even Washington Park Zoo, the first mental image that comes to mind is cement…lots and lots of cement.

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