14 thoughts on “NE 102nd Avenue, 1964

  1. This must have been right after the widening of the 102nd viaduct over the Banfield.

    I think the dog leg is to line up over the Banfield because it starts around where the bridge entry starts. The front yards on the east side of the dogleg are very small.

  2. You’d be surprised how many streets have slight doglegs like that. Sometimes it’s due to surveying, other times a street may have been platted at different widths or slightly different alignments in different subdivisons. Since 102nd runs on a major survey line, there’s probably a little of both going on.

  3. The houses and street to the south east of the viaduct were most likely on 102nd before I 84 and the viaduct was built . It is also where the viaduct begins. I’m guessing the dogleg is to accommodate the street that had to be moved for the property owners there.

  4. Since this is before the 205 was built, the on and off ramps on the north side of the railroad tracks aren’t there. Currently Maywood Place turns into Fremont at the north end of the viaduct. What is the street in the foreground of this shot?

  5. I used to live in this area. 102nd badly needs a road diet, 22 hours of the day it is vastly oversized. I-84 EB @ 102 is one of my favorite off-ramps!

  6. I found an old map of the area, which confirms Brian’s theory that the road at the bottom right was Hancock. It wound it’s way from 102nd and Fremont down under the over pass, and across what’s now the Gateway Green, and intersected with 92d just south of Tillamook.

  7. Great shot of an early 102nd!.. but I’d love to see it flipped around the other way, looking Northbound. towards Maywood Park.. & ftr, that I-84 off ramp (at times) can be absolutely terrifying.. I’m finding out a lot of drivers think it’s a stop at that first intersection, and while it is for the East turning to South, it’s not for the drivers coming off the freeway.. Can’t count how many times I darn near ran into the back of someone stopped at that intersection.. smh.. there’s got to be a way to make that safter.

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