The F.W. Mulkey, 1938

The F.W. Mulkey and another Police Bureau Harbor Patrol boat in front of the Steel Bridge, 1938. Streetcars can be seen crossing the bridge.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2009-009.3546.

City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2009-009.3546.


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14 thoughts on “The F.W. Mulkey, 1938

  1. I think this is dated wrong or its a different bridge. I believe it the original Steel Bridge which didn’t have a double lift section.

  2. …A quick look at the bridge from the I-84 to I-5 interchange (earth) shows that this is a view of the current bridge with the lift section just out of view. Guessing looking east from the north side, but the water tower behind the bridge would be definitive if someone can see what it has written on it.

  3. “I was guessing this is the north side of the bridge, but are we looking East or West?”

    What the what?? That’s equivalent to saying “I realize we’re looking southbound on this street, but is that left turn ahead going east or west?” How is that even a question?

    It should be patently obvious that that is the east side as there is a bluff overlooking the river (visible through the bridge) that the upper deck of the bridge is level with. That is not true on the west side, obviously.

  4. Roxy Rosborough-
    Are you kidding? In those good old days, life vests were for people who couldn’t swim. 🙂

  5. My aunt and uncle, Dr. Joseph B. Trainer and Ranee Trainer, owned Mulkey in the 1960s, he bought it at auction I believe, when it was decomissioned. Their family had many good times on it.

  6. My parents Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Trainer owned the FW Mulkey from 1958 to about
    1965 or ‘66. The Mulkey was piloted by Charles Jasper, although my father did much of it himself, including bringing it into dock, a thing that always amazed me. We often used it for pleasure boating (I scraped a lot of paint from around the trim). The Mulkey became the unofficial boat of the Portland Power Squadron and we often led
    Club expeditions up the Columbia River in Portland. When not used by my family we loaned it to the Jantzen Beach Marina where Harry White used and looked after
    it for the Marina. It was still hauling bodies out of the Columbia in the sixties, mainly
    following the October 12 wind storm. We had many, many great times on the Mulkey. The parties were legendary. It’s stern sank one weekend when the damns closed their locks for repair. Somewhere I still have a photo of my dad holding a beer as the stern
    went down. I rather think my folks sold the boat to someone in Tacoma afterwards. I have a painting of the FW Mulkey hanging on my living room now. I dearly miss the old girl, although I would never try piloting it like my dad did. I still look for photos of the tug, but rarely find them. This site has more than I’ve ever seen in one place. Btw, we still have a spare brass screw for the tugboat which we would probably sell to whomever owns the Mulkey now. Obviously we can’t use it and the screw is rather large. In any case, we loved that boat, possibly my mom and our Beagle more than anyone.

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