19 thoughts on “The Packardettes, circa 1939

  1. While other commenters are making snide comments about women, I thought I’d actually add something of value. This was a Portland Women’s Basketball league team who was undefeated for 3 years until losing a game in 1941 to University of Portland.

    Mike and Steve please go troll elsewhere, this is a historical photograph blog, and these pictures mean a lot to a lot of people.

  2. I think this picture was taken inside the Peninsula Park Community Center. I tried to find a picture of the interior section between the 2 gyms but had no success. Fun picture!

  3. EcoFeminist–
    Umm, there actually is a banner on the wall behind the athletes that says “Basketball League Won By: Peninsula Midgets.”

  4. not sure, but steve may have been referring a detail in photo-the pennant in the upper right corner of the photo proclaiming “basket ball league won by peninusla midgets.”

  5. ..You’re right, Eco Fem. and point taken, but if you use your best rants on issues like the “Piedmont Pixies” not that much is accomplished, except maybe to accentuate a degree of misandry. This forum is no place for sexist or any other degrading sarcasm, or political statements (like this one). It’s such a better read without it

  6. I know reading comprehension is an issue for some, but when did looking at pictures become so hard? Come on people! Blow up this (and all the other pictures on here) and look at them. Really look and not just at the main subject either. There are so many great details and nuggets in these old photos, like the Peninsula Midgets. Instead, we get someone butthurt at a comment all because they didn’t LOOK at the picture and that led to all the other people chiming in, me included. Maybe PCC has a Picture Looking Comprehension course for those of you that don’t ‘get it’.

  7. Some folks can’t help themselves, just jump in shooting without seeing a legitimate target.

    Lets hope they feel bad. This has forum has no edit function.

    I’m grooving on their mismatched shoes & socks. Too bad the forum gunslingers don’t recognise the hidden message in that colour pattern.

  8. @ vandry: Yes; the shield above the ladies in the photo *does* refer to the “Peninsula Cadets”.

    There is also a banner in the upper-right corner, which says “… Basket Ball League Won By Peninsula Midgets”.
    It’s very likely referring to some earlier contest game.

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