11 thoughts on “Packy, 1962

  1. The Portland community as a whole mourns our loss of this emblematic family member. Condolences to his zoo family and animal friends. Rest in Paradise, Packy.

  2. Such mixed emotions. Saddened for his loss as I remember him growing up as well, but this picture looks like jail. I wish he would have been released into an animal sanctuary for his final years where he no longer had to be on display for the public’s amusement.

  3. He was a cute little fella. I remember all the buildup going on before he was born. It may be a shock to some nowadays but his mother was raised a pet by her owner Morgan Berry. After Packy was born there was a successful fund raising effort to buy both Belle and Packy from Berry as he owned Belle who was on loan to the zoo at time. If we had never have had Packy, I don’t think the zoo wouldn’t be what it is today. I too am saddened by his passing.

  4. Theres just something incredibe about these large-eared creatures, even as I struggle reconciling the harsh realities of captivity. For generations of Portlanders, Packy was such a source of joy and gave his life so that people could learn and have compassion for his wild relatives. They are such amazing animals and worthy of celebration. Thanks to all the keepers who nurtured and cared for him. Rest in Peace Packy 🙂

  5. I remember the contest they held to name him. I was 7 at the time & I entered a name, no idea what it was now, but I do recall how all of Portland was SO proud.

  6. How timely, as Packy has gone to Heaven to roam freely, at last, with no illness or dangers of any kind. For he is one of God’s creatures and I strongly believe Heaven wouldn’t be Heaven without His creatures there. I was so saddened last night when I heard on the news that he had been “put down” as the TB had gotten worse and his quality of life had diminished. I still remember him as a little guy, so cute with his mama and aunties. He lived a long life, although it was in captivity. I agree that our zoo wouldn’t be what it is today without him. RIP at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Packy.

  7. RIP, dude.. no more pain, running frer for the 1st time in your life. Enjoy!! Mom and Rosy were due around the same time, it was a joke whod pop 1st.. Rosy won, my sister was born 1 May.

  8. Radio station KPOJ held the contest to name Packy. Some kid from Gresham won out of 3000 entries. He won a hi-fi set.

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