Washington Park Zoo, circa 1966

Children standing by an alligator head garbage can at the Washington Park Zoo, circa 1966.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-030.3765.

City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-030.3765.


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13 thoughts on “Washington Park Zoo, circa 1966

  1. It looks earlier than 1966. Cuffed pants. Striped t-shirts. Suspenders. Girl in dress. Reminds me of pictures of me from early to mid 1950s. Of course I could be wrong–wife says that happens often.

  2. Agreed, the bored rocking elephants and the sad apes bothered me back then on field trips from school. Something just didn’t seem right with our vaunted zoo, even to a 10 year old.

  3. A sweet gathering of children around a fun garbage can cover, set against the jarring contrast of a sad (lack of) habitat for the grizzly bear.

  4. Barry, my children were born in the early 1970s and I think the year of the photo is probably accurate. My little girl wore similar dresses, although probably not to the zoo. The suspenders may just be a holdover. And the current bear habitat is better but still oh so small for such a large and noble animal.

  5. What a timely picture today of the Portland Zoo. I just got word that our beloved Packy died this morning. He was born 12 days before me, and I grew up in Portland always being reminded of this fact by family and friends my entire life. He was like a true and trusted friend. Very sad day for the City of Roses-as well as for me personally today!

  6. Very good chance all 3 of those kids are still alive. Now the Woodland park zoo in Seattle has more animal friendly enclosures but the downside is you can’t see the animals. Rest in peace Packy.

  7. This was back when the Polar bear was purple, literally purple. With some sort of rash on his back and looking pretty skinny. It was very sad to see.

  8. I hope that I did not put myself on your do not send list?

    Perhaps you are taking the day off?

    I love these old photos and Thank you so much.


    Debra Derrick


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