11 thoughts on “OMSI, 1959

  1. Many fond memories of the giant walk-through heart, the Gravitram, the Invisible Woman, the transparent bee hive, the chicken incubator, the Foucault Pendulum “clock,” even the old sideshow-ish medical oddities display with the taxidermy two-headed lamb.

    Not to mention the moon rocks and the underwater quality of walking around the shell surrounding the old planetarium.

  2. Jim- I remember going to Omsi back in about 1969 when i was 6 years old. When my Mom walked me tbroughthe heart she pointed out that my grandfathers name was in there on a plaque… All these years later, i never thought to ask why. He was general manager at KGW in 1959- maybe that had sometbing to do with it. His name is Walter Wagztaff. Sure would love it if someone out there knew something. Thanks for your great post and for stirring up a memory!

  3. For how long was the building like this?
    I’m a whipper-snapper born at Good Samaritan in 1980, and it looks like I missed (or just don’t remember) a significant transition in the building’s history.
    I recall much of what Jim listed, and the chimney stack, but not a large glassed area with stairs, nor an open bridge to a separate exhibition hall.

  4. Oh, and, of course, the requisite moden view from a similar perspective (not that it provides much info on the change of the building, the location or the surroundings):

  5. The planetarium was constructed approximately 1966-67. My grandfathers company was the general contractor. He had also been part of the communal effort to get the main building built in the late 50s. Lots of donated material and labor.

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