9 thoughts on “Peninsula Park, circa 1970

  1. Oh man, if only we could turn the camera left. We’d see the best play structure ever. So many good memories growing up 3 blocks from this park.

  2. Laurelhurst Park had the same set of swings and teeter totters. What fun those
    teeter totters were! The swings too! The parks themselves were so beautiful to us kids in the 40s. Of course, living in Portland is like living in a big park.

  3. Re: teeter-totters vs seesaws — One of my favorite reference works of all time, The (multivolume) Dictionary of American Regional English, has one page and geographic usage map for each of these, boiling down to “teeter totter” being heard chiefly in Inland North, Mississippi-Ohio Valleys, and the West, while “seesaw” is chiefly heard in the Atlantic, South, South-Midland, and Southwest. A third term is “ridy horse!” I think most readers of VP would enjoy looking at the maps and historical quotations accompanying these entries. All standard library reference collections (including Multnomah County Public) have this reference work.

  4. The shoes the kids are wearing (especially the girl fourth from the left with Velcro closures) indicate that the picture is from the late 1970s or early 1980s, probably not later than 1984.

  5. I agree on the later date of the picture…probably 1980’s. One give-a-way is of the boy on left side with dark tennis shoes with white stripes…pretty sure they are Adidas from the 80’s.

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