6 thoughts on “Volunteer Fire Department, circa 1911

  1. Is this a example of cronyism? The guys in front and center look like thugs, “pay up if you want protection”. Back in the day when if you wanted your business protected you paid the local fire departments for a little more fire protection.

  2. This same photo may have been taken on or around the time the Woodlawn Volunteer Fire Dept. was disbanded on 26 May 1913. An exact copy of the photo appeared in the Ore. Daily Journal Sunday edition of 25 May 1913. The individuals in the photo (Yes, they do make it look like a promotional still for a movie like “Gangs of New York”) are ID’d as follows (by the Daily Journal) from left to right: Lt. H. Kubic, Harry Roberts, W. L. Greene, treasurer, Fred Roberts (the menacing, cigar smoking guy up front), Captain F. A. Burgard, Frank Greene, Al Padgett, E.A. Meyers, secretary, P.A. Gay, and A. Burg.

    The city built the fire station for the volunteers during 1911 for $3,000.00. The unit was officially organized in 1910. City firefighters moved in to take over this fire station after the volunteers were disbanded. There is probably an interesting political story to be uncovered behind all of this. Or maybe it’s just normal “good government” public administration?

    I would attach a copy of the full Journal article, but I cannot paste it into this text box.

    The citation is:

    The Oregon Daily Journal (Portland, Oregon) · Sun, May 25, 1913 · Page 44 Downloaded from Newspapers.com.
    Woodlawn volunteer fire 2

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