8 thoughts on “Portland Milk Producers Association, 1934

  1. @Dave The URL of the image when clicked, says 409 NE Roselawn. That would put it just off MLK on Roselawn. The Boys and Girls Club. Not sure if it’s the same building.

  2. In the 80’s I bought a house at 6805 NE Roselawn. That equates to 68th obviously. Called Penny’s to have mini blinds installed. The lady thought I lived right off of MLK and wouldn’t come to my house because at the time there was a high concentration of gang activity there. I finally convinced her where I was.

  3. Not the same building: All was torn down in preparation for the B&G Club building. I think the building just north on that block must have been a grocery store or other general retail. It had that kind of 50’s storefront. Still standing in 1990 when we moved onto Mallory, two blocks over.

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