17 thoughts on “NE Glisan Street, 1929

  1. Up until a few months ago, Waze pronounced it “glEYE-son” (rhymes with bison). Always gave me a chuckle. 🙂

  2. On the southwest corner of 30th and Glisan one of the sidewalk builders or his helper spelled “Glisan” “Gleason”. Ten feet away on the other curb it is spelled correctly.

  3. When I lived there in the late 70’s it still resembled the 1929 pic….and had a tall palm tree in front of the building on Glisan. Everyone would comment on it when they came to visit or drop me off.

  4. The building and its palm tree were featured in the locally made 2011 Indy film “Cold Weather.”

    A number of other local landmarks were in the film — the rental warehouse along I-84 at 28th, Laurelhurst Theater sign, the ped bridge (now gone) at 16th and Brooklyn, the restaurant Montage and more.

  5. I wish courtyard apartments were more of a thing now. Instead of all these square boxes capitalizing on as much ground space as possible.

  6. How can people look at that word and think it’s pronounced Gleeson? It’s an I. Are there any other other “I” words that are pronounced “ee”? It doesn’t even make sense. Plus the fact the guy himself pronounced it Glisan, just like everyone else in Portland until whenever. My mom, who grew up at 25th and Overton in the 1920’s, said it was Glisan. Must be what they taught her at Chapman. Besides, “glisten” is arguably a cooler thing to say.

  7. Hillsboro, I came up with a few “I” words that are pronounced “ee.” I am leaving out proper nouns (such as Prius).


  8. Wow, now I’m even more confused than before. I think I will say “glisan” with the short i. It will set me apart from the norm; although, I should say that my wife says I should not get any farther from the norm than I already am!

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