Buckman School, 1933

Beneficiaries receiving Portland Fire Department Milk Fund benefits at Buckman School, 1933. The men seen in the image include Captain Fred Roberts, Commissioner Earl Riley, Chief Grenfell, and First Assistant Chief James Dillane. The program was run by Captain Roberts.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2010-019.9

City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2010-019.9


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18 thoughts on “Buckman School, 1933

  1. Anyone know what part of Buckman this is?
    I looked at the current Google street view as well as this VP post the the building facade doesn’t appear to match.

  2. i’m quite sure it is neither buckman nor richmond. interestingly, richmond, i believe is the oldest pps. it was originally built as a completely wood structure but later changed by remodel to be more fire resistant.

  3. It’s still there – my grandson took a class there a couple years ago, but I think they have closed it since then, due to budget or something.

  4. The street number, 2276 (as Chris pointed out above), gives it away: this is Richmond Elementary located at 2276 SE 41st. Going through a few different time periods of Google Streetview (the current one has too much leafy foliage), you can see that the window configuration matches the one in the photo above although the entrance has been completely redone. According to a December 28th, 1952, Oregonian article titled “Year Marks Great Progress in Schools, Portland District in Black Financially”, the building underwent a “complete renovation”, resulting in a mid-century facade that doesn’t match the one pictured in the photo.

  5. It’s definitely not Buckman….but that teacher looks like the home-ec teacher I had when I went to Buckman in the 70’s. HAHAHA Also, they didn’t have enough milk for the poor kid on the sidewalk?

  6. What was the Fire Department Milk Fund? Did the fire department go around collecting money to buy schoolchildren milk before the era of federally subsidized school lunches? What’s the connection between firemen and schoolchildren?

  7. Fire dept. milk fund was started by Capt. Fred Roberts (? to 1947) in 1932 for the purpose of providing milk to needy children by holding fund raisers etc. When things got better the fund gave out eye glasses. It was officially ended in the 60’s.

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