Hollywood Sound Co. Radio Car, 1939

Hollywood Sound Co. Radio car with the Sunshine Division Annual Drive sign and loud speakers, 1939. The car is near the Blue Jay Soap Co., which was located at 201 NE Russell Street according to the 1939 Polk Directory.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2002-009.376

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2002-009.376


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7 thoughts on “Hollywood Sound Co. Radio Car, 1939

  1. It would appear that the building that housed the Blue Jay Soup Co. is now gone (apparently it was across the street from the Wonder Ballroom), but the building that housed the Hollywood Sound Co. is still there at 11th and Stark.

    I would embed the modern view, but for some reason, neither Chrome or Firefox is displaying street view for me. Is anybody else having that problem?

  2. Wow. Do not try this at home kids. The rear axle of that truck is dangerously overloaded. That can be determined by looking at the squash of the rear tires as well as the rake. front to rear, of the truck. This has resulted in the weight being removed from the front tires making the truck almost unsteerable. The faster it goes the more uncontrollable it becomes. The bald spare tire is so tread less,you can almost see the air in it. If this vehicle had shown up at that new inspection station at SE Milwaukie and Powell it would fail and not allowed to proceed. I would speculate they had loaded up a ton of hand outs that contributed to the overload

    On the other hand the photographer has had the courtesy to warn the driver that his face would be obscured by the rear view mirror so the natty, cool cat driver has slumped down in the seat in order that his vanity might be properly recorded. In combination with all else this lends a certain “low rider” quality, ahead of it’s time, to the photo. You get that “look neat on the seat” thing going on. Not very safe but it looks cool.

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