The Bates Motoramp Garage,1929

The Bates Motoramp Garage,1929. The garage was located at 386 Taylor Street according to the 1929 Polk Directory. After the street renumbering it became 914 SW Taylor Street.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2001-062.104

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2001-062.104


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13 thoughts on “The Bates Motoramp Garage,1929

  1. This is actually taken on Salmon looking NE. Ninth would be to the right. This is the famous Salmon Garage building. Both buildings are still there.

  2. Great job @Jim. I hope the city updates their archives to reflect the true location of the many photographs that have been improperly labeled. Or why is the “Polk Directory” so frequently inaccurate? Either way, I don’t think they have ever responded to us, acknowledged error or insured any updates. But I still love you Portland!

  3. Dan, I suspect that in this case, the Polk Directory may have been referring to either the main entrance to the garage or the mailing address of the garage’s office; either of which could have been on Taylor since the garage occupies the portion of the block from Taylor to Salmon.

  4. P.S.: I have seen instances where a representative of PARC has responded to a correction and stated they would update their records accordingly.

  5. I’m not sure but the former Bates Motoramp may have been the second drive-up ramp garage in Portland. The first was the one at 6th and Pine, opening in 1926. The Bates operation opened in August 1927 with a big and popular auto show in which local auto dealers drove new car models to the garage and put them on display amid live entertainment and music. It operated under the Bates name until at least 1964. The founder of Bates Motoramp Garages, Inc. was John M. Bates (1896-1975), a prominent local businessman, civic activist, and property developer. All this courtesy of the Oregonian archive, of course.

  6. I’m glad I could be of service, VP.

    Incidentally, here is an image of the iconic artwork at the 9th and Salmon corner of the garage.

  7. Yeah the Crystal cleaners truck with the address on it helps to seal the deal. But there are a lot of times when the location can have a different address the way Jim is pointing out.

  8. The September 30th, 1927 ad for “Bates Motor ramp/garage” states the address as “West Park and Taylor streets”.

  9. Due to being snowbound, and for absolutely no reason whatsoever, I think that the automobiles are as follows:

    Left – 1927-28 (?) Peerless
    Middle – 1928 Durant
    Right – ’28-9 Ford Model A.

    The first two are actually pretty rare sightings.

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