NE Columbia Boulevard, 1931

Maas Old Style Sausage Company located at 303 Columbia Boulevard, 1931. After the renumbering it became 81 NE Columbia Boulevard.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2004-002.10525

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2004-002.10525


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12 thoughts on “NE Columbia Boulevard, 1931

  1. Captures multiple elements depicting storefront, signage, transportation, staff
    and family members to make a business enterprise. There is still a Maas family
    in Portland and I imagine they may be the same.

  2. What is interesting is that the building there now is sort of the same facade style as the old one. Also, the chimney placement looks the same, making you think that some of the old building could still be hidden in there.

  3. …Both aesthetic and practical, Craig. The “front” gave the business a more commercial appearance while the pitched roof was superior at shedding water. The downside was the second level was simply an attic.

  4. Love the frog eye headlamps and the ditch light on the cornbinder (international) panel truck. The half opera side windows are a nice touch also. And duel windshield wipers. I mean come on. I wonder who the body builders were.The combination of the drivers boots and the sleeve protectors reflect his pride in his job, and his bespoke ride. From the setup of that truck I’ll bet he was the “road driver”. He covered the out of town routes. The truck was no doubt delivered as a chassis/cab and custom finished elsewhere. A classy fleet is great advertising for any business but that goes double for food.

  5. In 1926 a fire at a meat mkt. in Tacoma killed the parents of Fred Maas. Advertising in Oregonian starts in 1928. Robbed in 28′, 31′, and 33′. Fire at garage in 30′.

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