Charles Paul Keyser’s House, circa 1920

Charles Paul Keyser’s house, located at SE 39th Avenue and SE Yamhill Street, circa 1920. Keyser was the Portland Parks Superintendent 1917-1950.


City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2001-030.3808

City of Portland Archives, Oregon, A2001-030.3808


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10 thoughts on “Charles Paul Keyser’s House, circa 1920

  1. Seems the number man forgot the most essential element of his job. I’m sure that’s the number man. Maybe this is just a snapshot for the Director.

  2. you sure can tell the difference between the glass plate negatives and Kodak Brownie celluloid roll film.

  3. The boys have built a nice snow fort on the left, complete with flag. Now, can they get busy shoveling the sidewalk?!

  4. A scene of Portland winters past out of my childhood. As an aside I still have my dad’s sled that he had when he was a kid that he gave me. I used to go sledding a lot. My grandchildren used it last week. 5th. generation of riders and still going strong.

  5. Snowfall records don’t appear to support the “circa 1920”. Based on snow records this would have to be 1937 or 1950. I can’t make out what the two people at the side of the house are doing. There’s an American flag protruding out of a large bin or something.

  6. The address of this house was 1147 East Yamhill (later changed to 3847 SE Yamhill according to the LovejoyPettygrove site). It’s on the 1908-9 Sanborn, and confirmed in a 9/4/21 Oregonian article about Keyser’s wife. Both houses in this photo are now a minimart and its parking lot. (Thanks to MultCoLibrary and all of its wonderful historical resources!)

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