24 thoughts on “SE Foster Road, 1923

  1. I can’t quite get my bearings. Currently 50th becomes Foster as it crosses Powell going southeast. Is the photographer standing on 50th or does this involve a street name-change?

  2. Interesting; the building on the right was either affected by a street widening or the victim of a horribly inept sign painter.

  3. @Jim and Mike,
    I think Jim is right about the building being altered. It looks like the roadwork may be recent judging by the bare earth around the building.
    On another note, the little pump on the left is likely an early gasoline pump. Before gasoline stations became common, many of these little curbside pumps were placed in front of hardware or auto parts stores.

  4. The “School Careful” sign must have been for Creston Elementary. Looks like the kids are heading into Farley’s for some candy! But I’m with Steve regarding bearings. Where’s Powell in this image?

  5. We are facing NW down Foster as it angles into 50th, Taco Bell in now in the center. The SE bound Mt Scott car tracks are coming toward us from 50th onto Foster.

  6. My guess is that the photograpy was taken to document the street improvement and the improved overhead trolley wires.

  7. The east end of Foster’s wagon road coming from his farm at Eagle Creek to join the Powell Valley road on to Stumptown (Portland)

  8. @Lance, Nevermind 🙂 You’re talking about to the west, not north where I was talking about. The search continues.

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