12 thoughts on “SE 72 Avenue, 1929

  1. Overhead wires are for the Foster trolley bus turning from Foster onto 72nd. The previous Mt Scott car line curved the same direction but behind the drugstore on the right, both went south to Woodstock before turning east.

  2. Royal was one of the larger bakeries around town back then. That shoe shop would rent for 800 a month as a house nowadays.

  3. l.l. Duers and sons at 5010 S.E. 72nd had their safe blown to bits in 1924 by totally inept crooks. They piled potato sacks etc around the blast zone and then used so much nitro that sections of the vault went through the roof and out the windows. Building was badly damaged. Here’s the kicker–the safe was unlocked and only contained 10 dollars in change etc. I know…I was there! (just kidding) Oregonian article was source.

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