10 thoughts on “SE Foster Road, 1923

  1. It appears to me that this photo looks to the northwest along Southeast Foster Road. If true, I think that’s a Mount Scott streetcar coming toward the camera, preparing to turn south along Southeast 72nd. But I’ve only been awake a little while so…

  2. I’d be willing to hazard a guess that the home on the left is an original farm house from the area’s rural days while the homes on the right are later suburban infill.

  3. I would have guessed we were a bit further East, maybe 74th, since the streetcar tracks turn on 72 a block or so down the road.

    For comparison, here’s a similar shot from 1937

  4. Oh wait…maybe the streetcar didn’t take a sharp turn on 72nd from Foster, but had a shallow turn, and there used to be a triangular cut-off on the south side of Foster for the tracks, as there is now at 72nd and Woodstock, where the same trains turned to go further East to Lents.

    That would explain why the tracks aren’t coming all the way up to 72nd in the photo…

  5. I always wondered about 72nd between Foster and Holgate which has the 2 one-way streets with a park in the middle. In Northeast, there is a similar park and single way streets, also on 72nd between Sandy and Prescott.

  6. Why does it appear that the sign for Burke’s Garage and the fire hydrant are in the middle of Foster Road ? Or did Foster Road end there ?

  7. Elliott, there are a few others, the downtown Park Blocks, SE Reed College Place between Woodstock & Crystal Springs Blvd and NE Ainsworth between Grand and 33rd Ave. I am sure I am missing others..

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