9 thoughts on “The New York Building, 1905

  1. I agree. It’s amazing to me that, based on the photos, these were designed to be temporary. It’s also sad to see what became of the area. Somewhere on VP there is an Oregonian article with “future plans” for the site that include a nice park. Instead is seems they went with Gasco and others that contributed to what became today’s Superfund Zone. 😦

  2. I know that some of those light fixtures were moved to Oaks Park. I wonder if they still have any of them in storage? It would be really cool to see one of them reinstalled somewhere.

  3. Here is a link to a map of the exposition from a previous VP post. It shows the location and footprint of each building.

    The New York Building is South of Guild’s Lake just off Gray Boulevard near the middle-right portion of the map.

  4. Some of the exhibits are rather intriguing. Temple of Mirth and Haunted Swing. Infant incubators I think I have read about. Old Plantation seems a bit suspect

  5. Its interesting that the little curvy road (Wardway) behind Monty Park is a remnant of the fair’s Astor Drive. It connected to The Trail (now 29th) which crossed Guilds Lake on the Bridge of Nations. Kind of fun to take a “street view” walk down Wardway/Astor and imagine being at the fair.

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